Searching Water Quality And Accessibility In Bangalore India

Searching Water Quality And Accessibility In Bangalore India Bangalore is one of the famous cities of India which is renowned as an IT hub and it also posses various historical locations to catch international attention but nowadays it suffers from water shortage even available water doesn’t meet health standards of drinking water. Water crises in an extreme problem nearly every country face for many years, but in Bangalore, it becomes in a severe condition where people didn’t get water for their basic needs. It was stated through verified reports that more than 41 habitants are forced to use contaminated water in Bangalore state. It also found that resident of rural areas has trek long area to get water for their everyday use.

Searching Water Quality And Accessibility In Bangalore India Water authorities are completely failed to provide proper access to fine water towards a huge number of Bangalore residents. It was quite estimated that above than 59% population from rural Bangalore couldn’t reach towards water due to the long traveling area. Because poor Infrastructure availability is limited to very few locations of the city, the report further said that water supply is limited to a few hours of selected day. Statics from various researchers shows that 43% of more 59 thousand rural populations go through with this water trauma, this is considered to the wrongest situation among all south Indian states. The government has introduced a multi village scheme due to lack of water reservoirs but this scheme also provides contaminated water which raises serious health issues around Bangalore city.

With regards to the piped supply of water amenity, around 8 million rural home consumers in Karnatka serve this basic facility. Water examining sources denoted that Bangalore people suffer about 40% MLD than the rest of the nation which deemed to be dangerous for lands and other inhabitants. Some of NGOs which claimed that this situation getting worse day by day they also reported that this situation isn’t new for most of the rural habitats, probably 97% of population use contaminated groundwater for drinking purpose. While urban areas supplied with useable water but citizens aren’t sure about this water quality they prefer to buy drinking water from local vendors, but still unsure about their drinking water quality.

Searching Water Quality And Accessibility In Bangalore India The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board is responsible to provide almost 100 to 125 liters per day for every capita but in actual supply of water is touches dead full level which is about to 30 to 40 liters per capita only twice or thrice in a week. Water available in Bangalore city pollutants with various hazardous particles which caused around 180 deaths in the past four years. Government and authorities are busy to blame each other for solving this savage level issue. This wild problem which creates many high-risk diseases even caused death must be sorted out on an urgent basis. Boss is obliged to arrange the required plan along with essential amendments desperately. Water is a life source element that needs to be supplied in an acute discipline but here in Bangalore, it becomes a worse nightmare for every living community.